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    Epidemiology of Depression in Low Income and Low Education Adolescents: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Dr. Silvana Silveira Kempfer* , Dr. Gisele Cristina Manfrini Fernandes, Dr. Emilene Reisdorfer, Dr. Juliana Balbinot Reis Girondi, Dr. Luciara Fabiane Sebold, Dr. Andre Porporatti, Dr. Graziela De Luca Canto.
    May, 2017; 02(04): 067-077 hpb/17/1721/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Comparative Study of Natural Phenolic Acids and Flavonols as Antiplatelet and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

    Alexandra Moschona, Konstantinos D. Kyriakidis, Athanassios D. Kleontas, Maria Liakopoulou-Kyriakides*
    May, 2017; 02(04): 057-066 mds/16/1621/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Enteroscopic Study for Evaluation of Small Intestinal Lesions in Patients with Unexplained Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Ahmed M. Ramadan, Mohamed A. Tawfik, Eiman A. Hasby, Sahar S. Bessa
    March, 2017; 02(03): 047-056 gah/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Coronary Tortuosity; Component or Entire of SYNTAX Score Puzzle

    Levent Cerit, Zeynep Cerit
    February, 2017; 02(02): 041-046 crh/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Predicting and Identifying Human Glioblastoma MiRNA Targets Using RRSM and qPCR Methods

    Jian Shi* and Shiwei Huang
    February, 2017; 02(02): 034-040 bmr/16/1622/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (Ceus) in Detecting Ruptured Breast Implants Ex Vivo-Preliminary Results of a Unique Technique

    Kuehlmann Britta* M.D., Jung E. M. M.D., Clevert Dirk-Andre M.D., Dreiner U. Helen M.D., Prantl Lukas M.D.
    January, 2017; 02(01): 026-033 pls/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Resistin, Leptin and Antioxidant Vitamins A and E Status in a Tunisian Group of Obese Men Diabetics

    January, 2017; 02(01): 016-025 ort/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Bilateral Polycystic Testicle: Case Report

    Jean Paul Ndamba Engbang*, Alan Hasigov, Amadou Fewou, Ismael Gagloev, Aleksandre Ephiev
    January, 2017; 02(01): 012-015 uro/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Chlamydia trachomatis infection in pregnant women: an important risk to maternal and infant health.

    Alan P.Mejuto, JA Boga and PS.Leiva
    January, 2017; 02(01): 001-011 iog/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Small Cell Carcinoma of Prostate: A Case Report of a Patient With a Normal PSA and a Giant Prostate Volume

    Alan Hasigov1, 2, 3 , Jean Paul Ndamba Engbang2, 3, 4 , Tamerlan Tlatov1, Aleksandre Ephiev1, 3
    December, 2016; 01(02): 012-016 prc/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Do Women Undergoing Intrauterine Insemination Procedures Critically Require Luteal Phase Support? : A Retrospective Case-Control Study

    KARACA Nilay, M.D. 1*, OZCAN Pinar, M.D. 1, KOVALAK E. Evrim, M.D. 1, YILMAZ Rabiye M.D.1, ATES Seda, M.D. 1, BATMAZ Gonca, M. D. 1, USTA T. Abdullah, M.D. 2
    November, 2016; 01(01): 006-011 mds/16/1620/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

    Reviving Nurses' Role as Health Educators; Breast Cancer in a Developing Country.

    Huda Al Darweesh, Maha Abdel Hadi, Reem Al Madani, Zahra Al Mahsen
    November, 2016; 01(01): 001-005 nrp/16/1621/gmj [Abstract] [Full Text - PDF]

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