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Status in Lipid Parameters in Leptin and Resistin in a Group of Obese Men Developing a Metabolic Syndrome

Nourhene ESSEGHIR1, Professor Amina BIBI2, Med Chihab BEN RAYANA3, Faika BEN MAMI3, Hajer SKHIRI AOUNALLAH4, Fethi BEN SLAMA4
1National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology of Tunisia.
2University of Monastir, Tunisia, clinical biology
3Department of Diabetology and Nutrition Diseases - Tunisian National Institute of Nutrition.
4National Institute of Public Health of Tunisia.

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Nourhene Esseghir * (main author) Paris Descartes student. Adress: 1 A Des bons enfants street, 78100 Saint Germain en laye France.
Email: nourhene.seghaier@gmail.com
phone number: 0033664509313

First Published Online 19 September 2017


Introduction: Our work is a comparative study that aims to evaluate serum levels of leptin, resistin, insulin and detects possible correlations that may exist between these parameters in a population of obese diabetic males with metabolic syndrome. Material and methods: This was a case-control study in which we recruited 44 obese diabetic men with metabolic syndrome from the National Institute of Nutrition of Tunisia and 35 control men. Studied parameters were measured for both groups and the data were analyzed by statistical methods. Results: Our results revealed significant differences in leptin and resistin levels between the two groups. In obese diabetic subjects, leptinemia was 17.90 ng/ml against 5.58ng/ml for the controls. The resistinemia was 9.85ng/ml. In obese against 2.33 ng/ml for the controls. The correlation study showed a significant positive correlation between resistin and BMI (r=0.659; p<0.0001) between resistin and waist circumference (r=0.575; p<0.0001) Resistin and blood glucose levels (r=0.44; p<0.0001) between resistin and systolic and diastolic blood pressure respectively (r=0.38, p<0.011) and (r=0.37; p<0.014). Between resistin and triglyceride (r=0.545, p<10-4). Conclusion: This study helped to better understand the role of leptin and resistin in obese subjects with metabolic syndrome and allowed to demonstrate significant correlations between the studied parameters

Keywords: Obesity, Metabolic syndrome, Leptin, Resistin, Lipids

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